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Intelligent design solutions customized to meet your needs and challenges with an uncompromising attention to detail.

Our Design Services


From a basic breaker change out to a complete EHV switch yard, we can help.


From route selection and UAV corridor mapping to distribution staking and transmission design, we can help.

System Planning

From data-driven assessment of your distribution assets to a long-range plan for managing them, we can help.

Welcome to the next generation of design.

We believe in harnessing the power of technology and invest in the latest advancements to offer the most cutting-edge solutions to you–at no additional cost.

BIM Design + Smart P&C = Intelligent Station Designs


We’ve taken the former industry standard of 2D sheets to the next level with the use of interactive BIM modeling to virtually build our designs.


Utilizing our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology to develop solutions customized to your unique needs and supporting the entire project life cycle.

161kV Line – Southern MO

System Planning

Comprehensive assessment and management of your transmission & distribution assets customized to meet your operational needs of today and tomorrow.

Let's redefine possible together.

Success Defined

While the industry may simply define success as on time and on budget, we don’t stop there.

For us, true success looks like collaboration, making sure all of the right people are part of the conversation from start to finish of every project. It also looks like a commitment to uncover the root cause of the problem instead of just addressing the obvious symptoms. And it definitely looks like agility, being able to pivot quickly and confidently when necessary.

Above all, success looks like an uncompromising standard of excellence and integrity, always.