Utilizing our extensive experience and cutting-edge technology to develop solutions customized to your unique needs and supporting the entire project life cycle.

Line Design Services

Transmission Distribution  Fiber

Nationwide Service

Cross Discipline has Engineers that are licensed in the states below...

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New Mexico





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South Carolina

North Carolina


West Virginia


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New Jersey



  • Project Scoping
  • Route Selection
  • 3D Visualizations
  • LiDAR/UAV Scan
  • ROW Support


  • Corridor Mapping
    (UAV & Traditional)
  • Structures
  • Foundations
  • Plan and Profiles
  • Comprehensive BOM


  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Contract Administration
  • Survey/Staking
  • Construction Observation

Operations &

  • Line and Tower Visual Assessments and Evaluations
  • Next-Gen Standards
  • Record Scanning
    (UAV / LiDAR)
  • Records Management

Our Approach

While the fundamentals of line design have remained constant through the years, the technology available to bring those designs to life is rapidly advancing. We bring together the right combination of people, processes, and technology to deliver high-quality designs customized to your unique needs.

161kV Line – Southern MO


From mapping line corridors using drones, to creating interactive 3D structure standards, we press the limits of what has been done, to help you redefine what is possible.


Our industry veterans have designed lines across the US from the Rocky Mountains to Mississippi river valleys. Whether its designing new high-capacity bundled conductor lines, adding fiber optic communications, providing tower structural analysis or navigating terrain conditions ranging from solid bedrock to sandy loam, extreme weather conditions to high seismic areas, our team has you covered.

69 kV Line – Western OK

161 kV Line – Southwest MO


Management books speak of an “X-factor”—that one thing that truly sets you apart and defines your success. We believe the “X-factor” for our clients, and ourselves, is people. Technology offers tremendous benefits, well-crafted processes are a must, but people matter most. Combine them all with emphasis on people and you get amazing results every time.

Your success is how we measure ours.

"With a marked uptick in investment tempo, we engaged the experience and expertise of Cross Discipline Engineering’s Program Management team. Their support helped to ensure our interdepartmental communication, project tracking and our strategic goals provided maximized value and efficiency. Bryan Harp and his team brought fresh perspectives, seamless integration and innovative methods that had substantial positive impacts in not only my department but also throughout many facets of our company. The PM team demonstrates great attention to detail across a diverse portfolio of projects, professional level communication skills and fantastic organizational abilities. My greatest recommendation would be that I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again."

Manager of Engineering, Midwest IOU

"Cross Discipline Engineering (CDE) brings innovation to every design. While most consulting engineering firms design to the needs of their clients CDE forecasts the needs and sees things that the client didn’t know were possible. Their quality control and care to ensure a complete and exhaustive design are unmatched. They are understanding, approachable and show genuine interest in the work they do. Not only do they work on the project but they take care of the client as though they were part of their own personal team. It has been a great pleasure having incorporated their expertise into our business."

Manager of Line Engineering, Midwest IOU

"I continue to utilize the services at Cross Discipline because of better-than-expected results. On several occasions, I have given Jeremiah design criteria with a rough sketch and his response is a practical idea I had not considered that saves space and steel, which both save money. Cross Discipline has handled multiple scope changes in stride without taking advantage of the situation by submitting an inflated change order. Cross Discipline’s deliverables, especially in Revit, are well polished and easy to read. They understand the meaning of a deadline and usually beat the due date."

Senior Structural Engineer, Midwest G&T

"Cross Discipline is a top notch engineering firm offering responsive and effective services that will help you to complete projects in a timely manner. Since we began our business relationship, we have enjoyed the collaborative support their firm offers and look forward to continuing this relationship into the future."

Engineering Manager, Midwest G&T

Success Defined

While the industry may simply define success as on time and on budget, we don’t stop there.

For us, true success looks like collaboration, making sure all of the right people are part of the conversation from start to finish of every project. It also looks like a commitment to uncover the root cause of the problem instead of just addressing the obvious symptoms. And it definitely looks like agility, being able to pivot quickly and confidently when necessary.

Above all, success looks like an uncompromising standard of excellence and integrity, always.