Our Job Is to
Make Yours Easier

Experience and expertise to support your project, both on-site and off-site, to keep moving forward smoothly and efficiently.

Field Services


  • GIS Based UAV/LiDAR Support
  • GIS Based Data Collection
  • GPS Based ROW Support
  • Imagery Processing and Rendering


  • Construction Site Evaluations
  • Project Scoping
  • Procurement Assistance and Management
  • Utility Standards Verification


  • On-Site Construction Monitoring
  • Line and Tower Visual Assessment and Evaluation
  • Existing Infrastructure Evaluation
  • Material Inspection and Verification


  • Project and Construction Staking
  • As-Built Review and Verification
  • System Remediation Support
  • Asset Reliability Support

Excellence is our benchmark.

Field work is challenging–mentally, technically, physically–and we expect nothing less. We know what it takes to get the job done and will gladly go out of our way to over deliver, every time.

Expertise Where it Matters

Our team of field service professionals possess the expertise required by your complex project to help prevent and mitigate risks to construction schedule, budget, and quality standards.

Experienced Support

Our technical experts are here to support your project demands. Experienced, driven team players find solutions to your problems, keeping you on track and moving forward.


Our team takes ownership of our work and pride in our relationship with our clients. We work with our clients to provide solutions, not excuses.

Let's redefine possible together.

Success Defined

While the industry may simply define success as on time and on budget, we don’t stop there.

For us, true success looks like collaboration, making sure all of the right people are part of the conversation from start to finish of every project. It also looks like a commitment to uncover the root cause of the problem instead of just addressing the obvious symptoms. And it definitely looks like agility, being able to pivot quickly and confidently when necessary.

Above all, success looks like an uncompromising standard of excellence and integrity, always.